Program Goals

Building the Community & Equity around the multi-modal transportation system


Increasing Connectivity & Safety through communities and neighborhoods


Promoting the Economy & Tourism of the natural and built environment


Improving Health & Education of users and groups of all ages and abilities


Embracing Sustainability & Design on future implementation projects


Simplifying Management & Maintenance of system assets


About the plan

In the Fall of 2020, the McHenry County Council of Mayors in partnership with the McHenry County Division of Transportation initiated the planning process for the McHenry County Connection Master Plan. The last time the County undertook a bicycle and pedestrian plan was in 1996, since then the County has transformed dramatically and the bicycle and pedestrian needs have as well. The work that will be done over the course of the next year will be an important first step in better understanding the bicycle and pedestrian needs throughout McHenry County and will provide recommendations to improve the system.

The McHenry County Connection Master Plan will take a comprehensive approach with this planning process. The process will include developing a baseline of information on existing facilities including but not limited to trail facilities, bicycle paths, pedestrian facilities, the roadway network, the transit network, current land use, and points of interest. This effort will help guide the development of programmatic recommendations which will be included in the plan.

The programmatic recommendations within the plan will be community driven. An advisory committee was created and is made up of a diverse array of stakeholders throughout the county. This committee will assist in guiding the plan's development. Likewise, the recommendations will be guided by the input of county residents through extensive public engagement. The input of the community will be critical in the development of the plan and its programmatic recommendations.

McHenry County by the Numbers

Bicycle and Trail Facilities

  • 40 miles of water trails
  • 278 miles of bicycle facilities (12.5% is proposed future facilities)
  • 133 miles of railroad tracks
  • 80 miles / 4 Pace bus routes
  • 76 miles / 8 METRA stations

Trail Facility Types

  • 175 miles of bike facilities
  • 102 miles of shared-use facilities
  • 69 miles of pedestrian facilities
  • 40 miles of canoe trails
  • 22 miles of equestrian trails
  • 9 miles of snow mobile trails

Geographical and Political Jurisdictions

  • 611 square miles and 17 townships
  • 331 parks (from 1,500 Square feet to 3000 Acres)
  • 3,800 acres of water
  • 30 incorporated areas with 173 total square miles

Land Use

  • 61% agricultural land
  • 16% single family residential
  • 9% open space
  • 4% under review
  • 3% vacant
  • <1% other


  • 1213 miles of municipal/local roads
  • 827 miles of township roads
  • 217 miles of county roads
  • 134 miles of state roads
  • 58 miles of US routes
  • 47 miles of private roads
  • 9 miles of interstates

Vision Statement

"The McHenry County Connection aspires to create an equitable and regional active transportation network that is accessible for all pedestrians and cyclists that supports commuting, recreation, and tourism."

When will we have a final plan?

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